What we do

In Libya the name Mueller is known for quality, helpfullness, reliability and competence.

We advise the management from local authorities and farms on machinery and the latest developments in technology. Our sales advice is always based on what you need. We concentrate us mainly on machinery that is already or will be necessary on the Libyan farms.

We have experiences in organising world wide transport solutions and can also arrange assembly and PDI on site in Libya.

We prepare the machines, put them into the field, set them up and train the operators, technicans and parts specialists.

We offer a complete After-Sales-Service and are available 24 hours a day.

Together with our partners in Germany we offer a complete farm management package including advice on management, cropping and machinery.

We believe strongly in training and organise regularly training sessions on site at all levels.


Training for mechanics

Agriculture is the base for living of a huge part of societies in many African countries. Education and a perspective are the base for a society, first and foremost in the agricultural sector as well as in the food industry.

We offer a well funtioning training center for mechanics in agriculture machinery including building furnishing and tools, agricultural machines, diagnostic center which helps in teaching and education. We offer special trainings to study agriculture mechanics. Also we can offer further education in welding, hydraulics, mechanics, pneumatics, car electrics and propulsion technology.